Tuesday, December 29, 2009


2009 in my perspective

Every year starts with some great expectations, but ends with mixed results. Some experience good situation, but some may experience bad. Some other experience both good and bad. I'm sure that I belong to third category. It means that I have experienced both good and bad. It is said As "thoda mita, thoda namak" I'm sure that it is a slogan opted by a biscuit company. I'm sorry that without copyright permition I have used this slogan. No matter hopefully, the company is not going to sue against me.
The good things I have experienced in this year are:In this year I have taken a brake to my regular education. I first time, in my life, have joined to a professional training that is job-giving training.
Bad things:The big miserable experience is losing my grand-mother.
One thing that I should recall about this year is the devastating flood in north Karnataka. This is the big instance for the brutal anger of the nature against the human behaviours. This is very unfortunate that lot of people loos their homes, dear and near ones, friends, family members, etc. Some farmers loos their crops. I'm very sad about it, but what can we do against the nature? I pray that the Lord may give the strength to bear all these disasters.
So many good bad and good events took thisyear let us forget the bads, let us carry the sweet memories of the good things and move on. If we face the catastrophe the God won't allow our lives to take rest so enjoy all the moments of the life, whether it is good or bad.
Dear all, I request all of you that please reduce the pace of your celebration of this newyear because catastrophic memory of the recent floods is still greener.
In politics, Karnataka became the witness for a hectic political drama. Friends, I believe that this happened because of our irresponsibility. The slogan of democracy says, "Government by the people, for the people, of the people" so we've to very very careful in choosing our representatives otherwise, the same thing recurre undoubtedly. For fun I change the slogan of democracy after seeing this political hectic drama, "Government buy the people, far the people, off the people." Dear friend let's not become the victoms of this new democracy; let's not be the commodity of these new-born democracy.
Let's forget all these things. I'm not going to bore all of you by saying all these things. Let's have a happy and prosperous newyear ahead.
Once again I wish you a great happy newyear ahead.
Thank you for reading me.

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