Saturday, December 26, 2009


Hi everyone,

I'm back. I joined Diploma and completed it. Later, I'll post my diploma experiences in the future posts. After complition of my diploma, because of the curtesy of my Medical transcription teacher, I got an oppertunity to join Software Paradigms Infotech as a trainee in medical transcription. Now I'm going to narrate the experience that which I had.

Being a visually impaired, it is very difficult to get job. In order to get job one must exhibit his/her calibers; for a visually impaired it is very hard to show his/her calibers, though rapid technical growth is taking place it is very difficult show the quality. This is basically because of lack of awareness among the people in industry. Fortunitly, our medical transcription teacher talk to the Vice president of SPI, and he readily agreed. After, my life has changed to some extent.

Below is the brief narration.

What I feel in SPI

After the completion of my 10th class, I joined to diploma in Computer Application for Visually Impaired in JSS Polytechnic for Physically Handicapped at Mysore. There I got the beginning training of Medical Transcription. Then I joined to SPI for further training. Before joining to SPI I was quite anxious how the training would be; how I can adjust myself to a new environment, how the others treat me, how the staffs are cooperative, etc since I did not know anything about the new conditions.

I joined the training along with my batch mates. All of they were anxious with me. The first day of our training was scheduled on 2nd July, 2009. Coincidentally, that day was the birth day of the Chairman of SPI. Small function was arranged, and our parents were also present on that occasion. As the time progressed I found that all the staffs of the SPI are very kind and cooperative.
Later, we were put under 2 best trainers. Then they started step-by-step training. Since I am a visually impaired, I had a fear about the surroundings and environment of an industry, but gradually, I came out of the fear. Thanks to our trainers and all the staffs who treated us equally as others. We were paid much attention because we were visually impaireds. Our trainers come and sit with each and everyone and rectify our mistakes and give hints and tips to improve our transcription quality.

Initially, I thought that the medical transcription is a difficult job, and I can’t do it. But thanks to all the training department staffs and our trainers who helped me to come out of this feeling. Now I am gaining confidence, and I hope that I, along with my batch mates, can do the medical transcription as other sighted people do.

I am very much grateful to all the staffs of SPI for providing this opportunity.

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