Monday, January 4, 2010


Dear friends, This is the Japanese method of "Surya namaskara"

The elderly who face physical limitations find it difficult to practice the 12 postures of the traditional Surya Namaskar of Sun Salutation. However, a
simpler technique could be evolved, by adapting a few aspects of the Japanese morning prayer of Satya Reiki while breathing in the Suns energy into the
third eye and other chakras.
The Surya Namaskar is a traditional morning ritual in the nature of paying tribute to the Sun. It is not easy to do the 12 complicated physical movements
in a set pattern while breathing deeply and chanting mantras. The elderly, the infirm and the weak therefore stay content with just sun-gazing .
Among the Japanese traditional Sun mantras in Reiki as part of morning prayers is: A-Ma-Te-Ra-Su Oo Mi-Kami . The mantras are chanted as prayers asking
that all are cleansed, purified, protected and made happy. May the Divine flourish everywhere is the common refrain at the close of prayer.
The simple technique entails Sun-gazing for a few seconds just when the Sun is rising, combined with the Japanese morning prayer and conscious breathing
in of the Suns energy into the chakras or energy centres in a sequence, without much physical movement. The steps involved are:


Posture: Stand facing the Sun in an open space, bare feet placed slightly apart and hands together in the prayer position at the level of the heart.


Thanksgiving: Bow to the Sun two times thanking God and Existence.


Purification: Clap your hands twice to remove negativity from the space around you so that your mind can focus better.


Chanting of prayers.


Positioning: Bend the knees slightly. Open and raise your hands and stretch them towards the Sun so that your palms face it.


Focusing: Maintaining the above posture, look towards the rising Sun for not more than eight seconds. Close your eyes and you will now see a replica of
the Sun in the shape of a small intensely shining ball like a dot constantly flickering on the third eye. Enjoy its splendour for a while.


Draw in deep breath slowly and let the hands bend with palms facing the head but not touching it. Feel and visualise the Suns energy entering your crown
chakra through the palms and your head getting charged with it. Continue to breathe in. Slowly move the hands, palms facing downwards, drawing energy towards
the third eye, throat and heart chakras, and solar plexus respectively. Stop for a while on each point facing each chakra and feel the energy in the area.
One can distinctly notice the colour of the ball changing to rainbow colours before disappearing. If you like, you can make a wish in the form of an affirmation
while chanting the Sun Mantra.
To conclude the Surya Namaskar, repeat the mantra Kamnagara-Tamachi-Haemase praying for the Divine to flourish everywhere. Visualise that all beings are
happy, healthy and well protected. Bow to the Sun one time to offer thanks.
The technique helps in burning calories, reducing weight and charging the body with energy sufficient for the rest of the day. Some of the other benefits
include clearing of the energy meridians, activation of the chakras and general wellness

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