Sunday, December 30, 2012

Just to say happy new year

Hi friends, I am writing this on Jan 30, 2012. A day before 2012 ends. Now-a-days, I am writing in Kannada; and many of my friends asked me why I am writing only in Kannada. Some of them expressed their unhappiness as they could not read my writings and comprehend. So for them, now I am writing in English. Of course, I will write in Kannada very soon. Perhaps my first article of 2013 will be in Kannada. Friends, now we are preparing to say goodbye to 2012, and ready to welcome 2013. In Before telling any thing further, you must know why I took such a long brake from writing. Here is the answer: AActually there was a strong prediction of dooms day! therefore, I thought of not writing since it will go waste after the Dooms day; but unfortunately the Dooms day itself did not take place! Now I am compelled to write something at my will. Then I thought what I have to write. Though there are many events and incidents happening around us, I did not feel like picking up one and writing about that. Therefore, I am just penning down whatever the series of thought coming to my mind at this time. Hei, hei hang on, did you read correct? ‘penning’? Yep, I wrote wrong there. I never used the ‘pen’ to write in my life. why so? ok, leave it, thats a big tale then. Now correction, in place of ‘penning down’ you read as ‘typing down’ since I use computer to write down almost everything. I am using laptop to right now, and of course I have purchased a tablet running Android 4.0. Perhaps I will start using that for my day-to-day needs. Then hopefully I can reduce my too much dependancy on my laptop. I have many things to share with you all that happened to me in 2012, but now no mood. However, I was introduced to Android OS in this year, first purchased on android smart phone from Motorola, and now a tablet from Iberry. And of course not to forget, I got a job in 2012! o, not one, but 2! I will share all those details in my next post, stay tuned! Thanks for reading this rather boring stuff; and have a nice and prosperous new year ahead!

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