Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Telemetry (= remote sensing) is the transmission of measured values at a monitoring site located probe ( sensor ) to a remote location. At this place of receipt, the measured values are available only collected and recorded or evaluated immediately.

Telemetry is often accompanied by a pathway for detecting sensor, so as to respond to readings delivered with appropriate measures. This return path is called a remote control (Telekommandierung, Tele-Command).

Pure telemetry

A telemetry that transfers the data over long distances is called the far field telemetry. This is for example the
collection of weather data, technical data from a moving vehicle ( aircraft, space vehicles, racing cars), the tracking of migratory animals such as lynx and Honey Buzzard , in the transmission of decentralized traffic information or in the transmission of medical data inserted probes, where the outside world. is not felt.

Telemetry called applications in which data is transmitted over short distances by moving machine parts on a stationary receiver. For example, state data of gas turbine rotors and tire pressures of rotating vehicle wheels are provided.

Often the data to spatially widely separated locations are recorded and measured by telemetry to a central office sent there to be recorded and / or evaluated.

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