Wednesday, July 7, 2010

About hearing and ears.

Human being is the most intelligent and intellectual living being of all the living beings.

Human brain and body are the most complex and complicated thing to understand. Brain is the most important and complex of all the organs. Human brain is similar to a computer, which is the human creation. The brain can be simulated to a computer because computer also accepts the data from outside through input devices and processes it and gives the result through output devices as human brain does. The input devices of human brain are called senses. There are five input devices are senses. They are: Eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin. Eyes are helpful in input of visual things. The ears are used to hear or for audio input. Nose is used to understand the smell. Tongue tells us the taste, and the skin is used to touch and feel. These five senses are very vital in giving the information to the brain.

Now let us no the function and importance of the ears.

As mentioned above, the ears play an important role in understanding the speech and taking the audio input; therefore, the intactness of the ear is very necessary.

Now let us try to no the structure and function of the ears.

Introduction to ears and hearing

Audition is the scientific name for the sense of sound. Sound is a form of energy that moves through air, water, and other matter, in waves of pressure. Sound is the means of auditory communication, including frog calls, bird songs and spoken language. Although the ear is the vertebrate sense organ that recognizes sound, it is the brain and central nervous system that "hears". Sound waves are perceived by the brain through the firing of nerve cells in the auditory portion of the central nervous system. The ear changes sound pressure waves from the outside world into a

signal of nerve impulses sent to the brain.

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